USPTO China Team Attorney-Advisor Position Opens


USPTO has announced a position for US citizens on the China team.  Here is the link: .  The position requires US citizenship, a law degree, knowledge and experience in intellectual property and the ability to conduct research in Chinese. The position requires a minimum of three years general legal experience and one year specialized legal experience in intellectual property.

USPTO was recognized as the best federal agency to work for in 2013.



Oklahoma Attorney General Sues Chinese Company For Use of PIrated Software

On Thursday March 13, Oklahoma joined the expanding list of US states that are utilizing their state competition laws to address products sold in their markets that enjoy an unfair competitive advantage by reason of the use in their operations of pirated software.  According to the press release of the Oklahoma Attorney General this case is “a lawsuit against a Chinese oil equipment supplier for selling equipment in Oklahoma at artificially low prices, gaining an unfair competitive advantage over lawfully licensed Oklahoma companies in violation of the state’s antitrust laws.”  The press release further claims that “Chinese manufacturer Neway Valve Company stole manufacturing process related software that is used by several Oklahoma companies, including longtime oil equipment company, Kimray, then used the pirated technology to sell its competing equipment in Oklahoma at a lower price.”  The lawsuit seeks penalties and an injunction against Neway for creating an unfair market and violating Oklahoma’s Antitrust Reform Act and Oklahoma common law.  The complaint alleges significant under-licensing of Microsoft software products based on an investigation of the company alleged to be using pirated software, which is being distributed through a Texas subsidiary The Attorney General’s office has posted the complaint on its website

For some history of these efforts at using state competition laws to address piracy, see my earlier blog from February 2012.


SAIC Announces Beginning of Revision Process to Anti-Unfair Competition Law

SAIC has announced on its website that it has “formally” begun the topic of revision the Anti-Unfair Competition Law (which includes trade secrets): (《反不正当竞争法》修法课题正式启动).

According to this press report, the SAIC Competition Enforcement Bureau held a meeting on February 28.  Beijing University, Renmin University, China University of Politics and Law and other schools participated, along with Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Hubei, provincial and municipal AIC’s.  The purpose of the meeting was to discus the framework for revision, topics to be covered, coordination and separation of work, etc.