On Being Recognized an “IP Champion”


I am going to take a moment from my usual blogging about IP developments and China IP trivia to blog about another favorite topic.


The US Chamber of Commerce honored me a few days ago with their IP Champion Award.  This is the second year of this award program. 

The video and the program book of the whole event can be found here (my introduction and speech begin at about 2:26): http://www.theglobalipcenter.com/IPchampions/.  The press release is here: http://www.theglobalipcenter.com/2014-intellectual-property-champions-awarded-at-2nd-annual-ip-champions-conference/

As I mentioned in the award ceremony, no one person can make changes by themselves.  For everything I have done, I am profoundly thankful to others in governments and industry and academia who shared the same goals or offered their support and counsel.   The list of people would include many professors and colleagues, in both the US and Chinese governments. and of course also in industry. 

And I also believe that each person who reads this blog, also helps on this path…

Thank you!

5 thoughts on “On Being Recognized an “IP Champion”

  1. Xu says:



  2. Nam says:

    Congratulations Mark !


  3. Christian Murck says:

    Congratulations, Mark! A well-deserved award and a good perspective on the work.


  4. Hank Levine says:

    Many of us have long regarded you as an IP Champion. Glad it is now official. Congratulations.


  5. Joe Papovich says:

    Mark, Richly deserved. you’ve been my IP champion for a long time. Congratulations. Joe


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