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RIP,Dr. Richard Solomon

Dr. Richard Solomon, who worked with Dr. Henry Kissinger on normalization of relations between the United States and China passed away on March 13, 2017.  The Washington Post described Solomon in its obituary on March 14 as “an intellectual polymath whose interests encompassed science, photography and international affairs.”

Dr. Solomon wrote a monograph on China’s government negotiating strategies from the period 1967-1984, which included the following guidelines for U.S. negotiators:

A)      Know the substantive issues cold.

B)      Master the past negotiation record.

C)      Know your own bottom line.

D)      Present your positions in a broad framework

E)      Be patient!

F)       Avoid time deadlines.

G)     Minimize media pressures.

H)     Develop a negotiating strategy and counter tactics.

His advice still holds.  My own three guidelines for negotiation are: be principled, informed and respectful, which overlaps considerably with these.

I did not know Dick Solomon well.  Some of his colleagues from those early days did help me out when I was a student and in the early days of my career.  I am grateful for his many contributions.

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