Software Piracy by the Government: A Tempest in the Tomato Garden?

The Chinese media, including China Radio International, broke the news on October 8 that the website of China’s State Intellectual Property Office ( was hosting training materials which appeared to have been prepared with pirated software that was acquired through the notorious “Tomato Garden”  website.  Information on the presentation is available here  – under “author” are the Chinese words “番茄花园” (tomato garden).  The facts were uncovered by a microblogger, and picked up by mainstream publications such as Xinhua.  The “Tomato Garden” website was the subject of a well publicized and successful criminal case which resulted in jail time and fines for illegally distributing software online. Continue reading

National Academies and Standardization in China

On October 3 the National Academies are hosting a program on
“Management of Intellectual Property in Standards Setting Processes”.
The China paper by Dan Breznitz and Michael Murphree, entitled
Shaking Grounds? Technology Standards in China” is already posted,
and the authors have consented to my linking to it here.

The October 3 morning session is on Standards Processes and IP
Treatment in Emerging Economies, chaired by veteran  Richard
Suttmeier.  The program has a great cast of scholars, officials and
corporate executives who work global standardization issues and
policies.  Here is the preliminary agenda.