Crossing the River by Feeling the IP Stones: How China’s Civil Procedure System Benefits from Reforms Made in IP Civil Litigation

On Aug 31st 2012, the NPC passed the revised Civil Procedure Law.  This is th  e third time that the CPL has been amended since it was first enacted in 1991.  The new law will go into effect on January 1, 2013.  The CPL is only starting to get the attention in the English language IP media (See He Jing’s article and Mondaq). Continue reading

Patent Law Revisions Up for Public Comment

SIPO has just made its proposed draft of revisions to the patent law (fourth amendment?) available on line.  With these sets of amendments, China is now in various stages of revising all major IP statutes:  the Copyright Law is with NCA in its second draft, the Trademark Law is with the State Council Legislative Affairs Office (SCLAO), and the Antiunfair Competition Law is also in some stage of review by either SAIC or the SCLAO.  Continue reading

Understanding China’s New Environment for Intellectual Property

On April 11th, Fordham Law School held its first China focused IP Conference, “Understanding China’s New Environment for Intellectual Property”.  The program covered a range of issues, from patenting trends, to challenges in design protection, and intellectual property protection challenges for cloud computing in China, with mixed panels of academics, practitioners, judges and government officials from both countries. Continue reading