Back to School on Chinese IP

Law schools in North America will soon be back in session, and I thought it would be a useful to do a roundup of academic programs on Chinese IP, focusing on programs for United States students.  Based on data and my own personal experience, the pipeline of talented young American law students who are interested in IP and speak Chinese remains thin, especially when compared to the rapid growth of interest in China-IP related activities.  However, as this blog suggests, it is growing. Continue reading

Putting It Together: Some English Language Resources on Copyright Developments

The following are some English language reference materials for those who are closely following Chinese copyright developments, which can also be useful for those attending Fordham’s conference on July 25. Continue reading

KPMG Survey Predicts China’s Rise As an IT Innovator

The recently released KPMG 2012 Global Technology Innovation Survey of 668 geographically distributed technology business executives suggests that technology innovation may shift from Silicon Valley to another destination, with the most likely destination being China (44%), in the next four years.

Continue reading

USPTO Report on Patent Developments in China

USPTO had  released its report with links  on patent enforcement in China.  The reports summarize a series of roundtables  and requests for information from a Federal Register notice.  Others have previously blogged on some of these developments.  The USPTO  links are currently not all active but should be available shortly. Continue reading

Job Opening for Foreign LLM in Beijing

The Beijing-based IP boutique law firm ZY Partners is hiring a middle level IP associate.  The preferred candidate has a US LLM degree or equivalent.  PRC bar is a requirement.  A science/technology background is  preferred but not required.  Competitive compensation.  Anyone who is interested may contact Mr. He Jing at

The NBA and Its Continuing Trademark Battles

The July 9 issue of the SIPO Newspaper/ Trademark Weekly ( reports that Nike and Kobe Bryant are involved in the latest skirmish with an alleged trademark squatter.  A natural person in Fujian person has applied for a mark in class 18 for “科比 KB-KOBE” and obtained a registration against the opposition of Nike.  Nike asserted before the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board  that the mark infringed Kobe Bryant’s personality rights (rights to the name), and was in bad faith, and has since appealed the matter to the Beijing Number 1 Intermediate Court. Continue reading

Second Public NCA Draft of Copyright Law Available For Public Comment

The National Copyright Administration (NCA) has released its second draft revision of the copyright law for public comment.   The draft is found here., including an accompanying explanation.   Comments are due July 31, 2012.   The draft was released July 6.  Several trade associations in the US have already expressed an interest in commenting again.

The article also notes that the  draft removes the controversial Articles 46, 48, 60 and 70 providing for statutory licenses of record producers, and confines such statutory licenses to certain educational materials and newspaper articles.  According to the accompanying explanation of NCA,  over 1,600 comments wer received on the prior draft, and important changes were also made to a variety of important areas, including civil enforcement and  fair use.

The second draft will likely be an important discussion topic for the forthcoming luncheon program at Fordham on July 25 in New York City.  Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

Updated May 15, 2020.   Note that on May 15, 2020, the draft law was no longer on NCA’s website.  However, the explanation was still available and I have now downloaded it to this blog.