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Free Webinar on “Fraudulent Trademark Filings From China: Origins, Strategies, and Ethics” on October 11, 2022

During the past 10 years USPTO has conducted approximately 561 investigations into fraudulent trademark filings from China. These cases have involved US and Chinese trademark practitioners and their clients, and have sought to address a changing landscape of fraudulent activity. Our webinar on October 17 will discuss this changing landscape with two USPTO attorneys, a prominent Chinese trademark lawyer and Mark Cohen from BCLT.

Bureaucracy and Politics in Recent SAMR Legislation

There are numerous heirarchies to Chinese legislation and IP laws are certainly not an except to this. Due to the government reorganization in 2018, Chinese efforts to become an innovative economy, and external political pressure from the Trade War, there has also been extensive external political pressure on Chinese IP legislative efforts. The different approaches to legislating may indicate potential weaknesses in the laws. They may also be the outcome of internal bureaucratic struggles.