Report on the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property

On May 22, 2013 a blue ribbon commission organized by the National Bureau for Asian Research released its report on the theft of American Intellectual Property.  The Commission’s report is located at:

Commission members included co-chairs Dennis C. Blair, the former US Director of National Intelligence and former US Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman.  Other notables who participated in the Commission included former Senator Slade Gorton of Washington, Michael Young (President of the University of Washington), William Lynn III (former Deputy Secretary of Defense), Craig Barrett (former President of Intel Corporation), and Deborah Wince-Smith (CEO of the Council on Competitiveness).

These individuals are not IP “geeks”–  which also makes the report refreshing.  At a press briefing today the report was described as focusing primarily on China.  However, unlike a range of critiques of the Chinese IP system, this report proposes domestic and international solutions from short-term to mid-term and long-term, including changes to US law and governmental structures and developing long term solutions consistent with rule of law.   Hot current issues such as trade secret theft and cyber attacks are also discussed in the 88 page report.


USTR IPR Position Open For Applicants

The Office of the US Trade Representative has an opening for an IP position that closes May 20, 2013. The position is described here: The position was originally slated to close May 10 and is now open for another 10 days, until May 20.

The job notice states that the position is for a policy analyst who may serve as “Director for Intellectual Property and Innovation / Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Intellectual Property and Innovation” and notes that it could be filled at various levels.

The position appears intended to address a vacancy left by the recent departure of Kira Alvarez, who had most recently served as a Deputy Assistant US Trade Representative. Kira had been ably working on China-related IP matters among other issues during her recent tenure at USTR. We all wish Kira well.