Three China/IP Positions Open

In what I hope is a good sign for the job market for next year, recently three China-related positions have opened up, all of which have IP as an area of focus.

In the private sector, the US Information Technology Office is looking for a new managing director. USITO is a trade group based in Beijing. USITO is involved in supporting US high tech industry in China.  USITO has been actively involved in IP issues in China in the past.

In Washington DC, the US Patent and Trademark Office (where I have my “day job”) is looking for a China IP program specialist. A law degree is not required. Instead the program requires experience and interest in running IP-related programs in China.   There are two announcements – one for applicants from outside the US government, and one for applicants from within the US government.  This position closes December 4, and is at the GS-12 – 13 level.  Applicants must be US citizens.
In addition the Department of Justice is looking for a state or federal prosecutor to go on detail to Hong Kong for a short term assignment (14 months). This position has a title of “Regional Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Coordinator” and includes obligations to: (1) assess the capacity of law enforcement authorities throughout the region to enforce intellectual property rights; (2) develop and deliver training and other capacity building formats designed to enhance the capacity of justice sector personnel to enforce intellectual property rights (3) assist in developing or strengthening institutions dedicated to enforcing intellectual property rights; (4) monitor regional trends in intellectual property protection and computer crimes; and (5) provide expert assistance in support of U.S. Government IP and computer crime policies and initiatives in the region. The deadline for applications is November 30.
Hopefully, these are signs of a developing job market in China IP-related matters in 2016!

IP Position With US Fortune 500 Company in Shanghai

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., a US Fortune 500 company, is seeking its first local IP counsel to support its China patemt strategy as well as IP aspects of its local manufacturing and R&D operations, including trademarks, trade secrets, enforcement and licensing.  The position description requires Chinese patent qualifications (preferably a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical, engineering, or electronics) and five years minimum relevant experience.

USTR IPR Position Open For Applicants

The Office of the US Trade Representative has an opening for an IP position that closes May 20, 2013. The position is described here: The position was originally slated to close May 10 and is now open for another 10 days, until May 20.

The job notice states that the position is for a policy analyst who may serve as “Director for Intellectual Property and Innovation / Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Intellectual Property and Innovation” and notes that it could be filled at various levels.

The position appears intended to address a vacancy left by the recent departure of Kira Alvarez, who had most recently served as a Deputy Assistant US Trade Representative. Kira had been ably working on China-related IP matters among other issues during her recent tenure at USTR. We all wish Kira well.