Australian Centre on China in the World: Postdoctoral Fellow

The Australian Centre on China in the World (Centre) is a major initiative at ANU that has been funded by the Australian government. It enhances the University’s existing capabilities to create an integrated, world-leading institution for Chinese Studies and the understanding of China on a global scale.
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Why the Proposed Amendments to the Patent Law Really Matter … and Maybe Not Just For Patents

It is rare that I can blog on a patent issue in China that has implications reaching far beyond intellectual property, to property rights and civil law, WTO and TRIPS, and even the role of the courts.  These recently released draft amendments to the patent law, however, have a much broader scope of impact. Continue reading

Putting It Together: Some English Language Resources on Copyright Developments

The following are some English language reference materials for those who are closely following Chinese copyright developments, which can also be useful for those attending Fordham’s conference on July 25. Continue reading

KPMG Survey Predicts China’s Rise As an IT Innovator

The recently released KPMG 2012 Global Technology Innovation Survey of 668 geographically distributed technology business executives suggests that technology innovation may shift from Silicon Valley to another destination, with the most likely destination being China (44%), in the next four years.

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