New Trademark Related Judicial Guidance and E-Commerce Enforcement Rule

Joe Simone at Simone Intellectual Property Services, has shared a translation of the recent Beijing Higher People’s Court Guidance on Hearing Trademark Administrative Cases (Jan. 2014).  In view of the high number of foreign-related trademark administrative appeals which are only heard in Beijing, these rules are very important to understanding relevant procedures and standards.  As I have noted in other translation postings these are unofficial translations for reference only.

Joe also provided us with a copy of the SAIC Rules on Trading on the Internet (enacted January 26 2014, with an effective date of March 15, 2014).   Unfortunately I do not yet have an English language translation of the SAIC Rules.  As a key regulatory authority for both trademarks and e-commerce, these rules are important for understanding SAIC’s role in this important area.

In case you are keeping track, this brings to five the total number of new trademark-related ‘normative documents’ in final or proposed form – the Trademark Law, the draft of the Implementing Regulations, the draft of the TRAB rules, and now these two.