The China IP “Hits” Parade

How do foreigners obtain on-line information on IP developments in China?  Is language a major barrier? The data from on-line hits and page views suggests that Chinese government sources may be a major source of information and that Americans are not major consumers of this data in Chinese or in English.  In fact, American-origin hits are more likely for Chinese content websites, rather than English.  However, not all foreigners are the same.   Europe had more than 10 times the utilization of the Chinese patent office websites compared to Americans.   The difference is not attributable to increased patent filings by Europeans: the US was the second largest foreign grantee of SIPO patents (78,902), after Japan, with over two times the number of grants as Germany (34,833) and about an equal number to the total patent grants to European countries in 2012, according to SIPO data. Continue reading