Brief recap of “Patents, Trade, and Innovation in China”

Attached is the speech by USPTO Director David Kappos from the joint Fordham/George Washington University conference on IP, innovation and trade issues in China on December 13.   USPTO Director Kappos was introduced by CAFC Chief Judge Rader, himself a veteran of Chinese-IP engagement.  The speech gives a good summary of hte current state of US IP engagement with China from the perspctive of USPTO including the important work of patent cooperation with SIPO which is handled by USPTO directly.
Approximately 125 people attended the program, to discuss the full range of issues, including rule of law and IP protection, patent protection and patent prosecution, IP enforcement, trade related aspects of IP, and constructive proposals for next steps forward.   Attendees included practicing lawyers, government officials, academics, and business people.  The program was intended as a “public discussion” on IP-related issues, in order to enhance substantive engagement on IP issues iwth China.  When asked at the end whether the conference should be held again, there was a unanimous show of hands.  In order to enhance the dialogue the conference was intended as an “off the record” discussion.

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