Ministry of Commerce Engages in China IPR-Related Outreach in the US in September

Attached is a schedule of programs this week on China IPR related matters as part of a Ministry of Commerce delegation to the U.S.  This is a comprehensive interagency delegation, and the programs should be a good place to learn about latest developments and ask questions.  The programs take place September 19 in Washington DC, September 24 in Salt Lake City, and September 25, in Los Angeles.



A Quick Read of the AML IPR Enforcement Guidelines (Fifth Draft)

As China becomes more of a stakeholder in the IP system, and no longer sees itself as a passive player, how will its perspective on the relationship between intellectual property and antitrust change?

The recently announced fifth draft of SAIC’s “Guidelines on Antimonopoly Law Enforcement in the Field of Intellectual Property Rights” gives some additional perspective on this.  After an initial read, my response is cautiously positive.

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Brief recap of “Patents, Trade, and Innovation in China”

Attached is the speech by USPTO Director David Kappos from the joint Fordham/George Washington University conference on IP, innovation and trade issues in China on December 13.   USPTO Director Kappos was introduced by CAFC Chief Judge Rader, himself a veteran of Chinese-IP engagement.  The speech gives a good summary of hte current state of US IP engagement with China from the perspctive of USPTO including the important work of patent cooperation with SIPO which is handled by USPTO directly.