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Chinese IPR in New York City

As New York City gets ready for the Xmas holidays, it seems as if there is a small, but noticeable increase, in China IP-related spots around town.  Here are a few…. 

The Little Sheep Restaurant, one of China’s “well-known marks” is in my hometown of Flushing, NY. The company secured a trademark in the United States on December 7, 2004:Little Sheep Restaurant

Here’s their logo from the USPTO TM database.  The Chinese literally means “little fat sheep”:Little Sheep TM

But that’s not the only trademark around.    Here’s the Hai’er Building in midtown Manhattan, a stone’s throw from the Macy’s Xmas storefront displays:Haier Building - Midtown NYC

And when you are done shopping, and hop on the subway, and you might run into someone busking Teresa Deng classics (note the flag on the lapel, as well as the red shoes). This talented musician was was educated in Taiwan and Nanjing, and was clearly playing for the fun of it:  

“Busking” is a unique NY thing, any thoughts on whether “fair use” applies?… I know, that’s an issue for another day.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Many thank, Mr. Cohen.

    I saw a restaurant named “五粮液酒家” in New York. As you know, “五粮液” is one of China’s “well-known marks” in Spirit. I did not make research, but I high doubt the restaurant has not any relationship with 五粮液 company.

    There is a book-store, named “新华书店” in Philadelphia, which is authorized by the headquarter of “新华书店” in Beijing according to my preliminary research.


    • I had a chance to talk with the owner of 新华书店 in Philadelphia days ago. The owner confirmed with me that the 新华书店 in Philadelphia did not get authorization by 新华书店 in China.


      • And the name Xinhua Bookstore is a registered trademark as well in the US – registered on January 15, 2008, to CHINA XINHUA BOOKSTORE ASSOCIATION CORPORATION CHINA No.135 North Lishi Road Xicheng District; Beijing CHINA, according to the USPTO database.


  2. Mark,

    Did you try the little sheep restaurant in flushing?

    I miss the authentic Chinese hot pot in winter time.

    Happy holidays to you, too!


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