China IPR

P&G IP Position in Beijing

This is from Don Clarke’s Chinalaw listserve.

P&G is seeking an IP lawyer in its Beijing office. There is no citizenship requirement, however the following are required: . 1. Science or engineering bachelor degree. 2. Patent bar certification in China or any other country
3. Optional – PRC lawyer qualification, US state bar certification, or like qualification.

From my own personal experience, P&G has had an excellent IP team in China over the years, including Prof. Daniel Chow (Ohio State) in the late 1990’s, Brenda Panichi (now with Syngenta in Singapore), and more recently Michael Lin (now with Marks & Clerk in Hong Kong). P&G has also been an active member of the Quality Brands Protection Committee, Intellectual Property Owners and other organizations based in, or active in China. Steve Miller, P&G’s Vice President and General Counsel for Intellectual Property, has also participated personally in several China-related IP activities over the years. P&G has also helped support programs directly in China, including one at Tsinghua Law School I spoke at several years ago. As I recall P&G also runs an R&D facility at Tsinghua in Beijing, which this position may help support.

If anyone is interested, they may apply at: Enter “IP 00000089” in the job number window and hit the “search” button.

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