China IPR

Third Annual George Washington University Law School China IP Program

This December 11th, George Washington University will host its third annual  China IP Conference.  Registration is free.  The program follows the format of a moderated “public discussion” involving emerging IP topics of interest.  In other words, anybody with valuable information or perspectives can and should contribute. 

This year the topics will be patent and trade secret law.  There have been many developments in this area, including in pharmaceutical patents, graphical user interface/design patents, antitrust and standards essential patents, changes to civil procedure, as well as in the overall direction of China’s civil court and administrative systems.  The highlighted speakers include CJ Rader of the CAFC, former USPTO Director Kappos and former USPTO Deputy Director Rea.   I will be moderating the afternoon event along with GW Dean John Whealan.   There will also be a number of prominent government officials, academics, and practitioners.   Come and join the discussion! (Mark Cohen).

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