China IPR

Comings and Goings: US Chamber and CISAC

The US Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC has recently posted a job as Senior Director, China.   The position requires; 10+ years’ China-related experience; a broad network of contacts in the United States and China; and ability to build strong internal and external relationships and influence at the senior level.  Experience as a former official, diplomat, or government affairs executive working in Asia, fluency in Chinese, and advanced degree is preferred.  Here’s the link:

On a completely unrelated note, CISAC (the International Federation of Authors and Composers Societies) opened a regional office in China on January 15, 2014.  Benjamin Ng, who was formerly with IFPI, is the regional director for CISAC Asia Pacific.   I wish Benjamin and CISAC well in their new venture.

Perhaps the most significant new office development is still in the works: the opening of a representative office of the World Intellectual Property Office in Beijing, which has been widely discussed in the Chinese press. 


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