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USPTO’s Three Exemplar Goals in Its “Five Year” Plan With China

USPTO recently released its 2014-2018 Strategic Plan (38 pp).

Three specific goals are highlighted under USPTO’s efforts to “Work jointly with the administration to improve IP protection and enforcement in China.” These include: establishing a China Resource Center, which will support more data-driven analysis of IP trends; developing/increasing IP enforcement programs aimed at building Chinese enforcement capacity; and reviewing and advising on Chinese law and regulations.

China is also referred to elsewhere in the Plan both directly and indirectly, such as in noting USPTO’s efforts to address “counterfeiting, piracy and failure to respect IP rights” in “fast growing economies such as China and India”, and indirectly in USPTO’s “collaboration with global IP partners” which will “lead to greater harmonization of patent and trademark systems, strong IP enforcement throughout the world, and IP policies that benefit the global economy overall.”

Disclosure to Readers: My “day job” is with USPTO. This blog is unofficial; please consult the Strategic Plan for more information.

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