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ABA’s Comments on Patent Judicial Interpretation

The American Bar Association has just released its comments on the recent SPC Judicial Interpretation on patent disputes (part 1), available here: ABA_Comments_China SPC_JI-1-_on_Patent_Disputes

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  1. Dear China IPR,

    Thanks for your great blog.

    I’m having some problems with the PDF linked to in ‘ABA’s Comments on Patent Judicial Interpretation’ (ABA_Comments_China SPC_JI-1-_on_Patent_Disputes combo).

    I can only get it to open as a jumble of roman script and punctuation.




    • I re-posted it – if this doesn’t work (will try from another computer this morning, I will re-post again. The ABA no doubt will also be posting it too. Thanks for your patience – this is a labor of love, and sometimes free time is a bit limited…but we’ll get it right. Mark


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