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A Good Year for the Blog


This blog had a very good year last year.

We exceeded 100,000 direct page views total for the blog since launch in 2011, with about half of those page views in 2014. We grew our page views by 60% in 2014, with over 5 ,000 views per month now, and over 800 email subscribers, not including social media postings.  We are read widely in the US and China, but we also have readers in 122 other countries.  We are also read and re-blogged by a number of academics, government officials and attorneys.  We are also catalogued as a leading Chinese law website.  The blog is also a historical resource: some of our most popular postings are  from prior years.  Our stats also understate the totals and influence, since they do not reflect other channels where the blog is reposted including an expanding network of foreign language sites.

You are welcome to repost content on this blog, but I do ask for attribution.  In addition, please tell me when you have reposted so I can keep track of my readership.  If you are regularly reposting my content, please contact me so that we can enter into a more formal relationship which may include cross-linking, sharing data, joint articles, etc.

Thank you also to all those who have provided comments and corrections either directly on this blog, or by emailing me (

This blog began as a list of links on Chinese IP matters back in the late 1990’s.    Now it is a blog that I write in my personal capacity and that enjoys the support of research assistants from Fordham Law School, including (over the years) Jae Zhou, Amanda Ma, Yao Yao and Marc Epstein.   Without this support, it would be impossible to sustain this blog.

Thank you all.  I wish all of you a happy and healthy new year.


Photo: Christmas Tree in USPTO Atrium, Alexandria VA (2014)

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