Recent Recordings and Upcoming Programs

Here is a listing of recordings of some recent programs that are now available as well as a listing of upcoming events.

The Third Berkeley-Tsinghua Conference on Transnational IP Litigation was held over four days from January 21 to 29, 2021.  The theme was “Transnational IP Litigation at a Time of Trade Tension.”  The agenda is here.  Here are the individual recordings –

January 21: Part 1 included welcoming remarks and keynote speeches by CAFC Judge Ray Chen and former WTO Appellate Body Judge, Zhang Yuejiao.  Part 2 focused on empirical data.  I previously blogged about Part 2.

January 22: This session focused on global SEPs/FRAND disputes, and was moderated by Profs. Merges and Hao.  Part 1 consisted of a judges’ discussion among Su Zhifu, Chief Judge Rader (ret.), and Judge Guilford (ret.).  Part 2 consisted of a practitioners panel with former PTO Director David Kappos, as well as Stuart Chemtob (Wilson Sonsini), Johnson Li (Wanhuida), Zhao Ye (Jingtian & Gongcheng), and Zhang Hongbin (Global Law), with concluding comments by Prof. Vivienne Bath.

January 28:  This day focused on trade secrets.  It was moderated by Profs. James Pooley and Jiang Ge.  Part 1consisted of judges, government officials, and academics including Prof. Huang Wushuang, Senior Judge Song Jian, Judge Kent Jordan, and Evan Williams (USDOJ).  Part 2 and Part 3 included the following practitioners: Tim Bickham (Steptoe), Hong Yan (Lung Tin IP Firm), Jerry Xia (GEN Law), and Zhang Xiaoxia (King & Wood).

January 29: The last day focused on the impact of trade-related developments, including Pharmaceutical IP Reform, [CQ1] Customs and On-Line Developments, Global Dispute Settlement , and Ethics.  The session was moderated by Chief Judge Rader (ret.) and Prof. Yang Guohua.  Prof. Cui Guobin provided concluding comments.  Speakers included Judge Cheng Yongshun (ret.), Karen Guo, (Novo NorDisk), Howard Hogan (Gibson Dunn), Soji John (Western Digital), Prof. Susan Finder, Judge Jeremy Fogel (ret.), and me.

Apart from the four part series, on February 17, the Federalist Society hosted me for a discussion with Prof. Justin Hughes regarding how the Biden Administration will engage with China’s IP practices. The podcast is available here.

On February 18, the Hudson Institute hosted me, Prof. Vivienne Bath, and He Jing to discuss “Patent Litigation in China: Navigating a Changing Environment.”  The discussion is available on YouTube.

On February 22, I spoke at Duke University during a program hosted by Prof. Denis Simon on “China’s Emerging Intellectual Property Edge.”  This video is available here.

On February 25, Prof. Barry Naughton at UCSD hosted me for a well-received discussion on “Weaponization of Intellectual Property Against China.”  The discussion is available on YouTube.

Here are some planned programs:

On March 23, I will be speaking at the Advanced Patent Law Institute sponsored by the University of Texas and George Mason University.  My co-panelist is USPTO Deputy Commissioner Richard Seidel, and Rob Sterne will be moderating.  There is a fee for attending this program.  Registration is here.

On March 29, I will be hosted by the US Commission to Stop IP Theft to speak on the impact of China’s recent IP reforms and how they address US concerns about IP theft.  My co-panelists include former Deputy USTR Robert Holleyman, Prof. F. Scott Kieff, and former Congressman Charles Boustany, Jr.  Commander Dennis Blair and former US Ambassador Huntsman to China Jon Huntsman are also  featured speakers.  The program is free of charge. Registration is here.

On April 9, I will be speaking at the 28th annual Fordham IP Conference on IP developments in China with He Jing and Jill Ge. Further information is available here.

SAVE THE DATES.  On April 27, the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology will be launching a series of programs on IP and innovation in China.  We kick off the series with our Third Annual Tech Trade and China Program.  This year’s program is co-sponsored by the German Marshall Fund and will focus on the future of multilateral approaches to technology cooperation with China. the program will be timed for participation with European speakers. We have some great speakers already lined up, including Alan Wolff from the WTO, Lisa Jorgenson from WIPO, former PTO Director Andrei Iancu, Amb. Karl Eikenberry, Roy Kamphausen, and many others. In addition, we are waiting to hear from former California governor Jerry Brown and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Registration information is available here.

After the April 27 program, we will begin a series of programs focusing on IP, including a retrospective on IP developments in China during the prior year which will be timed for participation with speakers and attendees from China. This event will be held on May 6 and is free and open to the public. After the May 6 program, we launch a certificate-bearing  series which will focus on IP litigation in China. We will also host a book talk with Angela Zhang on her recent piece on Chinese Antitrust Exceptionalism.  There will also be a four-part series on standards essential patent developments in China, hosted by Prof. Hao Yuan. Most of the programs will provide CLE credit, and many will be free of charge.

Photo by Mark Cohen of Wuhan US-China IP Enforcement Training Program (2002). Photo copyright of Mark Cohen.

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