Upcoming Events – From Berkeley and Beyond

Berkeley will be hosting and/or I will be speaking or moderating at several upcoming events. Here is a list:

On Wednesday,  October 27, Berkeley will be hosting the second in its series of  China IP enforcement programs.  The focus of this session is China’s three track-process for IP protection: civil, criminal, and administrative.  Government officials, students, and NGO employees may register free of charge. The program is intended to help address such questions as:

  • Does China’s administrative system, which is often touted as being faster and less expensive than those of other countries, offer a viable and less expensive alternative track to judicial enforcement?
  • How much are administrative agencies and the courts cooperating to ensure that litigants do not take unfair advantage of differences between the two systems? And
  • What are the best mechanisms for small companies or big litigation projects? 

On Friday, October 29, International Law Weekend returns to New York City, hosted by the American Branch of the International Law Association.  The theme for the program is “Reinvesting in international Law.” I will be participating in a panel entitled “When Domestic Courts Evaluate Foreign Legal Systems: The Case of China” with Profs. Martin Flaherty, Donald  Clarke, Vivienne Bath, and Tzu-I Lee.  I will be focusing on the lessons learned from the WTO’s handling of disputes involving China’s IP enforcement regime, including the recent Article 63.3 request filed by the EU.  Further information is available here.

On November 5, I will be moderating a session on international IP developments at the 65th Annual IP Law Conference of the University of Illinois, Chicago.  I will be joined by faculty and practitioners  from Singapore, India, Sweden, China, and the UK in discussing international IP trends with a focus on harmonization efforts.  Discussions will include FRAND-related topics and science and innovation in China.  Details are available here.

On November 10, I will be moderating part of the third session in the series, which focuses on: “Sanctions, Hostage-Taking, and Tech Shakedowns: What Should Lawyers and Their Clients Fear in Cross-Border IP Practice”?  Additional information on all the programs in this series is available here.

Around November 20, Prof. Hao Yuan will be conducting the fourth and final session of her lively discussions focusing on “Toward a Deeper Understanding” of  SEP issues.  This final session will focus on 5G and IoT.   Specific details will be posted shortly.

On December 1, the University of Oklahoma’s Institute for US-China Issues and Prof. Zhu Zhang will be hosting me for a discussion on “IPR and the US-China Tech Rivalry” from 3:00 – 4:30  PM local time.  Professor Timothy Hsieh of Oklahoma City Law School will be moderating.  Further information is available here.

From December 2 – 3, I will be speaking at a two-day conference at the Center for Intellectual Property x Innovation at George Mason University on Intellectual Property and Innovation Policy for 5G and the Internet of Things. My presentation will focus on anti-suit injunctions and licensing disputes with China.  I will be posting information shortly on how to register for this event.  The program has a stellar line-up of current and former government officials, former USPTO directors, academics, and others.

Finally, on December 10, we close out the four-part IP series with discussions on transnational IP litigation. The discussants include retired CAFC Chief Judge Michel, Justice Birss of the UK, Judge Klaus Grabinski of Germany, former USPTO Director Iancu, and many others.  The session is split between morning and afternoon components to accommodate speakers from Europe and Asia. 

…And then I will be taking a much-need break!

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