Jackie Chan on Chinese IPR Customs Remedies
Through the generosity and permission of the General Administration of Customs (“GAC”), I have uploaded the DVD on Chinese Customs IPR remedies that GAC released at the time of the Beijing Olympics. The movie “stars” Jackie Chan, and has a cameo appearance with a true veteran of IPR enforcement, GAC’s Director-General Li Qunying.
I use the video in my classes to ask the question: what are the three remedies or procedures that Jackie Chan is pursuing in this video that are not required by the TRIPS Agreement provisions on border measures?



Amcham China: What You Need to Know about IP in China

Video feeds:

Sofaer IMBA Trip to China: A Word of Advice from Mark Cohen, Microsoft China from Sofaer iMBA on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Multimedia

  1. […] of various types (including patents) on exports.  (See TRIPS Articles 51, 60).    See also the video with Jackie Chan which explains most of […]


  2. […] According to recently released statistics, in 2012 Chinese Customs (General Administration of Customs or GAC for short) seized approximately 15,000 shipments of counterfeit goods, the vast majority of which were exports. This was the first year since the Beijing Olympics in which the numbers weren’t goosed by a “special campaign” or similar program, and on a gross basis they weren’t embarrassingly far from those of US Customs, which seized approximately 23,000 incoming shipments in 2012. The comparison pales a bit given that nearly half of the shipments seized in the US originated from China, but let’s be fair here: Chinese Customs didn’t even have a plan to enforce IP rights until 1994, and it wasn’t until the run-up to the Beijing Olympics that they got serious about confiscating goods. Serious as a Jackie Chan PSA. […]


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