Job Announcement: Chief of Party, JURIS project


The Asia Foundation, an international non-governmental organization committed to the development of a peaceful, prosperous, and open Asia-Pacific region, is seeking a Chief of Party for its Justice Under Rule of Law in Society (JURIS) project in China.  JURIS is a four-year project starting in October 2012 that aims to enhance access to justice in order to strengthen the rule of law in selected locations in China.  JURIS will advance citizens’ rights and access to justice through two strategic entry points: administrative law and criminal law, while identifying and tackling other priority legal issues as the project progresses in order to respond to China’s dynamic reform environment.  The COP candidate should be a development professional with rule of law expertise, including but not limited to: building the capacity of institutions in the justice sector; improving access to justice; experience with legal education; policy research and development in the justice sector; governance; public participation; and administrative law.  Candidates must possess practical experience in managing and implementing rule of law programs. Continue reading

P&G Posts IP Position in Beijing

Procter & Gamble is hiring for Counsel or Patent Advisor in Intellectual Property in Legal in Beijing as part of their Asia Innovation Group. The position requires a patent background. Here’s the link:

National Academies and Standardization in China

On October 3 the National Academies are hosting a program on
“Management of Intellectual Property in Standards Setting Processes”.
The China paper by Dan Breznitz and Michael Murphree, entitled
Shaking Grounds? Technology Standards in China” is already posted,
and the authors have consented to my linking to it here.

The October 3 morning session is on Standards Processes and IP
Treatment in Emerging Economies, chaired by veteran  Richard
Suttmeier.  The program has a great cast of scholars, officials and
corporate executives who work global standardization issues and
policies.  Here is the preliminary agenda.

Ministry of Commerce Engages in China IPR-Related Outreach in the US in September

Attached is a schedule of programs this week on China IPR related matters as part of a Ministry of Commerce delegation to the U.S.  This is a comprehensive interagency delegation, and the programs should be a good place to learn about latest developments and ask questions.  The programs take place September 19 in Washington DC, September 24 in Salt Lake City, and September 25, in Los Angeles.



USPTO and SAIC Engagement on IP Issues

From Director’s Forum: David Kappos’ Public Blog:

On Sept 10, 2012 the USPTO was privileged to host Minister Zhou Bohua and his senior delegation from the State Administrative for Industry and Commerce of China (SAIC) of the People’s Republic of China. Minister Zhou, visited us for about four hours, as part of a stopover en route to a meeting in Brazil. This was likely the first time that a Minister from SAIC has visited USPTO. Continue reading

Au Revoir (Zaijian) – Nam Ngô Thiên and Welcome (Huanying) – Jared Ragland

I sat down with Nam Ngô Thiên (Chinese name: 吴天南, Wu Tiennan) (picture above) on Sept 15 in Beijing, fortunate to catch him on a recent visit back to Beijing since his August 1 relocation to Singapore. Nam represented both the French Patent Office and the European Patent Office in Beijing since 1999. He was with the European Patent Office working on IPR-1, the first-round European IPR technical assistance program in Beijing from 1999-2003, when I first met him. At that time he was ably assisted by Ms. Teri Dunphy and by Yang Guohua, from the Ministry of Commerce, amongst others.   He  came back to China in 2004 with the French Industrial Property Office (INPI), staying until 2012. Nam is a dear colleague and friend and will be difficult to replace.
There is also one recent diplomatic arrival in China: Jared Ragland, from USPTO, who is posted to a new office in Shanghai. Jared came over from USTR to USPTO.  He also has a solid scientific background that will likely be valuable to the R&D community in Shanghai. The contact information for Jared can be found here.
I wish Nam and Jared the best in their new postings!

Debating Chinese Innovation At Davos

The Chinese “Summer Davos” just ended yesterday (Sept. 12) in Tianjin with  Premier Wen Jiabao, several heads of state and senior leaders, Thomas Friedman, and many CEO’s and leading business officials attending and speaking.  The Summer Davos has a clear focus on intellectual property and innovation.    In his presentation, Premier Wen also sought to give comfort to foreign investors:  “I want to tell you that we will strengthen IPR protection and give foreign companies the same treatment in government procurement.”  The reassurance on government procurement at a high level was especially comforting. Continue reading