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Position Vacancy: USPTO Attaché at US Consulate in Shanghai

A vacancy announcement for the Attorney-Adviser (Intellectual Property Rights) position at the US Consulate in Shanghai, China opened today (10/30/2013) and will close on 11/12/2013.  The job can be viewed on  job announcement number:  ITA-FSHR-2014-0001.  The announcement can also be viewed by clicking this link:

Key requirements are:

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Receive a negative result on a drug test.
  • Meet rigorous medical clearance requirements, including dependents.
  • Must be able to obtain medical, security and suitability clearances.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.

Professional requirements include:

1. Possess a Juris Doctor (JD) and/or Master of Laws (LL.M) from an accredited law school,

2. Be a current member of the Bar in good standing of any state, territory of the United States, the District of Columbia, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico,

3. Possess at least four years of professional legal/law experience, and

4. Possess at least one year of specialized experience at a level of difficulty and responsibility equivalent to that of a GS-14 in the Federal Service.

Specialized experience that is suitable for the job includes, among other skills:

1. Knowledge of foreign and domestic intellectual property laws,

2. Ability to prepare expert legal analysis on intellectual property issues developing in the host country (China), and

3. Ability to communicate in writing complex legal issues and interrelationships of public policy interests and issues impacting agency programs.

My personal opinion: this is a great job in an exciting city, that includes working with a great team at the USPTO, a dynamic US business community in East China and includes working with sophisticated and engaged Chinese government colleagues.  And by the way, I am part of that USPTO team 🙂 in my official life.


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