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UC Berkeley and FCBA Programs Upcoming in October

Two of my favorite China IP programs will be taking place this October.

From October 8-9, UC Berkeley will be hosting the 4th Annual US-China IP Conference: Best Practices for Innovation and Creativity(“创新驱动发展的最佳实践”)with Renmin University and Loyola University (Los Angeles) in Berkeley, California. Here’s the link for further information.  Here’s my blog on the program last year.

Registration is also now open for the Federal Circuit Bar Association’s program in Shanghai October 18-19.  Here’s the link to the program site.  The program is co-sponsored by the FCBA, East China University of Political  Science  and Law and the Intellectual Property Law Association of China.   The title for this year’s event is “ International Forum on Intellectual Property and Trade 2015 Adjudication, Administration, and Innovation.”  Here’s a link that describes, in part, the last major FCBA program in China and another link to an official USPTO blog about the significant of that event.

I hope to be speaking at both events.

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