China IPR

How The Blog Did Last Year…

Last year was another great year for the blog.  Our subscribers doubled, and our direct hits and page views increased by about 10% to over 55,000.  The proportion of non-United States readers increased to over 50%, with about 20% of the readers coming from Hong Kong and mainland China.  As with our sister blog, the Supreme People’s Court Monitor, we saw the development of an increasingly diverse audience, including officials, lawyers, and business people. We also saw increasing impact of the blog through tweets, re-blogging (please ask for permission, first!), and social media.  We also saw many new people willing to contribute to the blog, and increasing interest in publishing translations of the blog.

 Finally, we were honored last year to be recognized as one of the top IP blogs in the world (

 I am thankful to all of you for your interest and support!

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