Antisuit Injunction

Forthcoming Hearing on China’s Interaction with Foreign Legal Systems

Thursday, May 4, 2023, is the 104th anniversary of the Mary Fourth movement.  May Fourth was a student-led movement that unleashed a wave of reform in China, including launching China’s Communist Party, abandoning classical Chinese in favor of vernacular, and increasing the desire of Chinese young people to strengthen their country.

In a sense, I will be revisiting some of the legacies of that movement when I testify before the Congressional Economic and Security Review Commission this May 4th on “Rule of Law in China: China’s Increasing Global Reach.”   This panel has a focus on “The CCP and Foreign Legal Systems.”  I expect that the panel will be asking a number of questions about US judicial encounters with China, including anti-suit injunctions, forum non-conveniens, enforcement of foreign judgments, and related issues.  I will be in the able company of Prof. Don Clarke at GW University Law School and Diego Zambrano of Stanford Law School.  Other speakers for the full day of hearings include Moritz Rudolf, Vivienne Bath, Dan Harris, Isaac Kardon, Brian Weeden, Paul Scharre, and Yu-Jie Chen. If you cannot be there in person, please consider joining virtually. 

Use this link for live streaming beginning at 9:30 AM Eastern:

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