Administrative enforcement

IP Enforcement is the Focus of This Year’s China IP Series

Beginning October 6, Berkeley Law begins a four-part series on IP enforcement in China.  The program is free of charge to program sponsors, students, academics, government officials. Note: at the request of speakers, this session will be closed to the media.  A charge applies to other individuals, including those who require CLE credit or wish to obtain a certificate upon successful completion of the series. 

The program will cover all aspects of IP-related enforcement in China, including such topics as civil, criminal and administrative litigation, trademark squatting and platform liability, recent changes to laws and practices, litigation involving China overseas, strategies for managing an IP enforcement campaigns in China, and risks of having legal or extra-legal measures taken against attorneys or their clients.   Among the notable speakers are two former Federal Circuit Chief Judges (Michel, Rader), two former USPTO Directors (Kappos, Iancu), and two European IP judges (Birss, Grabinski).   Academics, practitioners, and in-house counsel will also be speaking or moderating.

The program concludes on December 1, when we will invite European speakers for a morning session and Asian speakers for an afternoon session to discuss China’s role in global IP litigation.

On a separate note, the highly successful four-part SEP series of Prof Hao Yuan continues on October 15 with a discussion of the role of antitrust in SEP licensing and litigation.  This program is free of charge to all.

Updated Sept 30, 2021 regarding media attendance.

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